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SKU: 3125363EZ


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GBC Sprint EZload Roll Film is designed to make laminating easier for businesses and schools by taking the guesswork out of film loading. EZload technology eliminates film loading errors.

  • EZload technology eliminates film loading errors. Color coded light blue and dark blue end caps show the correct way to load film, which avoids accidental upside down loading.
  • Keep your documents bright and bold. Glossy film has a shiny finish that helps emphasize colors, making it the perfect choice for photos, signs and posters.
  • Choose the right film for your job. 5 mil thickness provides protection while keeping limited flexibility. Each roll is 11-1/2" x 100' and wound on 1" core. Pack includes 2 rolls.
  • Compatible only with GBC Sprint H925 and H950 Thermal Laminators, which have blue saddles. NAP II is used on heavy ink items or on heat-sensitive materials.

Product Specifications

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  • Dimensions
    11.5" x 100'
  • Finish
  • Core Diameter
  • Roll Length
  • Roll Width
  • Thickness (mil)
  • Box Quantity
    2 rolls
  • Cold Lamination Function
  • Date Indicator