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EZAlign™ Features for Perfect Results

Flawless lamination is easy with EZAlign™ pouches. Each pouch has a grid across the entire front to straighten out and center your document, no matter the size. Plus, a directional arrow on the pouch takes the guesswork out of deciding which edge of the pouch goes into the laminator first. Both disappear after laminating!

Cut to Laminate Small Items

One of the most unique features of EZAlign™ is that the letter size pouch can be used to laminate smaller items. Place your small item in the bottom corner of the pouch and cut it to size. With the included carrier, laminate your item. Save the rest of the pouch! It can still be used to laminate other small items.

Compatible with Most Laminators

EZAlign™ laminating pouches are compatible with just about any home or office thermal laminating machine. Not sure which one to pick? Check out Swingline® brand laminators like the Inspire™ Plus Thermal Pouch Laminator today. The letter size, 3 mil EZAlign pouches are a perfect match.

EZAlign™ pouches greatly simplify laminating letter size and smaller, unconventional documents. The helpful alignment grid and directional arrow put your item in the right spot for perfect results. Plus, pouches can be cut to the size of your item to get more than one use from each pouch.

  • Thermal lamination pouch includes visible EZAlign™ features that magically disappear after lamination
  • Box includes 150, clear, letter size pouches
  • EZAlign™ grid printed on the front of pouch makes it easy to line up and center items
  • Directional arrow guides which edge of the pouch should be fed into the laminator first
  • Insert small items, such as business cards, and cut pouch to size. Carrier included to laminate only the small item.
  • Remainder of the letter size pouch is still usable for future lamination needs
  • Grid and directional arrow on EZAlign™ pouches are gone after lamination for crystal clear results
  • 3 mil thickness produces reliable, flexible lamination
  • Compatible with most thermal laminating machines, including Swingline® brand laminators

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