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Protected Documents. Versatile Sizing.

Great for any documents that need to be preserved, the semi-flexible 5 mil or rigid 10 mil pouches offer solid protection for your most used items. As the pouches are available in a variety of sizes, including ID badge, luggage tag and photo, you can tackle a wide range of jobs.

UV Protection. Lasting Preservation.

Keep your documents looking bright and vibrant. A unique UV coating prevents fading and discoloration, which helps your documents stay bold and distinct. Perfect for items that are frequently used and will be placed on display.

Vivid Clarity. Quality Results.

No matter what documents you choose to laminate, these pouches will produce a high-quality, clear finish. Whether you laminate one large document or several smaller items within the same pouch, your projects will have a lasting seal.

Make sure your documents last. GBC Ultra Clear Thermal Laminating Pouches create clear results that stay sharp and bold over time. Both durable and long-lasting, these pouches are perfect for items that will be used daily.

  • Create stunning results with our clean, crisp and easy to use laminating pouches. They produce documents that are vividly bright and durably protected against wear and tear.
  • With a glossy finish and clear results, your laminated items will stand out. Ideal for display or professional use, the text details and image colors will remain bold over time.
  • 5 mil thick pouches provide solid protection while retaining limited flexibility. Photo sized pouches measure 4 1/4" x 6 5/16". Pack includes 10 pouches.
  • Pouches are compatible with any thermal laminator, including the GBC Fusion 7000L, GBC HeatSeal H700 and GBC Inspire series, sold separately.

Product Specifications

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  • Document Size
  • Dimensions
    4-1/4" x 6-5/16"
  • Finish
  • Thickness (mil)
  • Cold Lamination Function
  • Thermal Lamination
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