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Ultima 35 EZLoad Film Buying Guide

Find your perfect laminating film.

Ultima 35™ EZLoad™ Roll Laminator

The GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad Laminator is a reliable go-to for schools, day care centers, churches and small offices. It uses EZLoad roll film, which helps eliminate film loading errors. These film types are compatible with your Ultima 35 EZLoad Laminator.

Roll Film Options

Choose from these film types designed for your laminator.

  • EZLoad Blue End Cap Low Temp Roll Film
EZLoad Blue End Cap Low Temp Roll Film Chevron Icon
Width Length Thickness Finish Item #
11.5" 200' 3 mil Gloss 3125362EZ
11.5" 100' 5 mil Gloss 3125363EZ
12" 300' 1.7 mil Gloss 3125365EZ
12" 200' 3 mil Gloss 3125913EZ
12" 100' 5 mil Gloss 3000052EZ