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Thickness (mil)


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Easy Reloading

Changing film on a reloadable cartridge is simple. Just open the reloadable cartridge using the levers and place the film refill inside. The reloadable cartridge fits perfectly in the Foton 30 Laminator with no threading and no hassle.


Our Foton 30 Film refills are color-coded to help you quickly match the refill to your cartridge. Our 3 mil film refill has a blue indicator, which matches the blue indicator on the 3 mil reloadable cartridge, sold separately.

Exclusively for Foton 30

This film cartridge is compatible only with GBC 3 Mil Reloadable Cartridges and the GBC Foton 30 Laminator, sold separately

GBC Foton 30 Film Refills give your documents the perfect finish and make film changes easy. Simply insert the film into your Reloadable Cartridge, place it in the Foton 30 and start laminating!

  • Load the film refill into a reloadable cartridge for instant use
  • Cartridge and film auto-threads when inserted into your laminator
  • Glossy finish helps emphasize colors in documents
  • 3 mil thickness protects documents while retaining moderate flexibility
  • Size 3 mil refill has 185' of film and laminates approximately 230 letter size sheets
  • Refill is compatible with GBC 3 Mil Reloadable Cartridges and the Foton 30 Laminator, sold separately

Product Specifications

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    Automated Cartridge
  • Finish
  • Maximum Document Width
  • Roll Length
  • Roll Width
  • Thickness (mil)
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