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Roll laminators and the Foton 30 make a great team!


We know that schools and educators love their roll laminators. Roll laminators like the Ultima 65 and Pinnacle 27 are great for a wide variety of classroom projects. To help make laminating jobs even easier, the GBC Foton 30 Automated Laminator is the perfect addition for your school.

These two machines work together to make lamination simple. Many schools are already familiar with roll laminators, but here are a few ways the Foton 30 can make your school day a little less hectic.

1. Easy to Use

The Foton 30 does everything you need at the touch of a button. There’s no need to open pouches or monitor the machine. Simply load documents in the tray, press run and walk away. Plus, our new cartridge system makes film changes simple. The cartridge only loads one way, which eliminates film loading errors.

2. Versatile Projects

Both the Foton 30 and roll laminators can laminate small items, letter size documents and large quantities at papers. The main difference is that roll laminators can run documents up to 27" wide, while the Foton 30 has a max width of 11". This makes roll laminators better for posters and banners, while Foton 30 is best for standard size papers. By having both machines on hand, you can choose the best laminator for your project.

3. Time Saving

Throughout your busy day, you likely don’t have time to manually feed documents into your laminator and trim edges. Whether you’re laminating 1 document or 30, the Foton 30 Laminator helps you gain back some of your time. Just place your stack of standard size papers in the tray and let the machine do all the work.

4. Multiple Users

Investing in both a roll laminator and the Foton 30 makes it easy for multiple people to laminate at once. No more fighting your fellow teachers over who needs to laminate first! You can both laminate documents at the same time, which helps each of you save time throughout the day.

Want to see how easy lamination can be? Find out more about the GBC Foton 30 or explore our wide range of roll laminators to find the perfect machines for your school.