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This heavy-duty punch can handle up to 16,000 sheets an hour and is quiet enough to use in office environments. LEDs make production easier by displaying power on, die-set errors, and full chad drawer. A full range of interchangeable die sets are available to handle all your presentation spine styles.

  • Interchangeable die sets for ultimate versatility (Die Sets are required / sold separately)
  • Electric push-button or foot-pedal operation
  • Automatic reverse to prevent paper jams
  • Adjustable paper alignment guide
  • Open ended throat for punching odd-sized sheets
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chips
  • Up to 16,000 sheets per hour; 1.5 second punch cycle.
  • Punches books as small as 4". Punches books as large as 11.7" (A4) for all patterns; Open-ended throat design accepts longer sheet sizes in 2 punching passes.
  • Flexible and stylish

Product Specifications

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  • Binding Machine Type
  • Dimensions
    6.75H x 16W x 17.5D
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