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Show your best with this professional, book-like finish. VeloBind and SureBind are great for filing, stacking and mailing. And with Hot Knife binding technology, spines permanently lock pages into place to keep reports and proposals secure. These spines come in a variety of sizes and colors for all of your binding projects.

  • Choose durability with VeloBind. Creates flat, book-like bind for easy filing and stacking. Excellent for medical and legal use, as well as for tax preparatory businesses.
  • 11-pin spines are excellent for a variety of binding needs. 11" x 1" spines hold up to 250 sheets, allowing plenty of space for your important projects.
  • Neat dark gray spines use hot knife binding technology to bind pages permanently, locking them into place to keep reports and proposals secure
  • Sturdy spines are designed for use with the GBC VeloBind V110e Electric Binding Machine (sold separately)
  • A pack of 100 spines ensures long-term productivity for all of your binding projects

Product Specifications

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  • Binding Style
  • Spine Size
    11" x 1"
  • Dimensions
    11 hole
  • Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper)
  • Pack Quantity
  • Detailed Color
    Dark Gray
  • Colour Group
  • Dated_Indicator
  • Material