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Binding Solutions, Defined by Profession

  • Written by: Dan C
  • Topics: Binding

We live in a digital world, but the need for tangible, printed information is still great. There are plenty of binding solutions out there, but some generally work for some professions better than others. Read on and learn more. 

Office Managers 

Do you frequently bind large office documents in high quantities? Comb binding is probably your best choice.

These neat, professional-looking spines are an excellent choice for internal corporate applications, like reference manuals, training books and reports. Comb binding is the gold standard for office binding, and it’s been that way for decades.

Finance/Legal Professionals 

Security is important to you and your firm. The legal briefs and financial paperwork your office produces require high level of security, plus a professional look and feel.

Strip binding delivers exactly what you need. It’s the most secure binding style, using heat to permanently close the spine. It also securely holds up to 750 sheets, giving you the highest capacity of all available binding styles. This strong binding style is tamper-proof, adding an extra layer of security to your documents.

Engineers/Architects/Construction Firms 

Having a solid binding solution is important for the engineering, architecture, and construction industries, where the environments are rugged and fast-moving.

Coil binding just the right solution for you. A wide range of sizes (6mm to 33mm) and easy-to-use equipment make coil binding a great choice. Documents bound by coil can handle a tough day around the construction site, stacked in a truck or bouncing in a work bag. They’re also work great when mailed. Even after extensive handling, coil binding will protect your bound documents and hold their shape.


At important meetings, you need to impress clients with a confident presentationThat’s easy with wire binding, our choice for professionals like you.

Wire bindings deliver ease of use, security, sophistication and professionalism, all in a single package. They provide 360-degree page turning and lay-flat capability. This lets your clients read along, or easily make copies for future reference.

Wire spines are also permanent. This makes the document feel more official, like a book with pages that shouldn’t be removed.  

Sales Professionals

Salespeople work in a fast-moving environment. It’s hurry, hurry, go, go—every day. Your binding solution should be able to keep up.  

ProClick delivers for fast-moving sales professionals. They’re sleek, professional-looking, reusable and let you add or remove pages on the fly. They also lay flat for easy reading and offer 360-degree rotation for easy photocopying. ProClick can be used anywhere, with or without a binding machine. 

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