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What is Non-Stop Jam Free Technology?

We’ve all been there, staring at the top half of a partial piece of shredded paper as it droops over the edge of a shredder. We know we have to clear the jam but are dreading the ensuing confetti party that will come when the partially shredded paper is finally pulled free from the shredder.

Shredding jams aren’t just an inconvenience, they can also wear on the shredder motor and blades. Everyone wants their shredders to last as long as they can and no one has the time or cleaning desire to deal with shredding jams. The best way to deal with jams is to never have them in the first place, and you can accomplish that with a shredder armed with Non-Stop Jam Free Technology.

How Non-Stop Jam Free Technology works

Three vertically aligned sensors prevent jams before they occur by constantly detecting the amount of paper entering the shredder. A prominent LED indicator sits on top of all jam free shredders that will alert you to the status of the shredder. When the shredder has the right amount of paper in the manual slot or can accept more paper the LED will be green.

Jam Free Green Light

Jam Free Red Light                        

If the sensors detect that the amount of paper exceeds what the shredder can handle without jamming, the LED will turn red and the shredder will stop running. It will not resume function/shredding without the excess paper being cleared from the slot first. Since the shredder is utilizing jam free technology, the paper was not drawn into the shredder when it was detected that it could not handle the excess paper. Clearing the shredder is as easy as removing the paper from the slot. There is also the added bonus of no partially shredded paper mess. After the excess paper is removed, the LED will change back to green and the shredder will resume operation. 

Our most popular jam free shreddder