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Durable Design. High Quality Protection.

Put your hard work on display without sacrificing protection. Frost covers allow a glimpse of your top sheet, without giving away the whole thing. They also give you the tear-resistant and moisture-resistant protection of durable plastic.

Un-Punched Covers. Unlimited Possibilities.

Convenient, un-punched covers offer the ultimate in flexibility. You can use them with any binding punch, in any binding spine that suits your project. Because they’re usable with any binding system, they’re an excellent choice if your office uses multiple binding styles.

Strong Heritage. Quality Products.

Bringing you better binding since 1947, GBC focuses on providing the highest quality materials, to help you build and support your business. Classic covers add professionalism to any project, helping you create your perfect look.

These tasteful covers are going to be the frosting on top of an already great project. Frost covers allow a hint of your top sheet to peer through, displaying without revealing too much.

  • Great for displaying your work in a subtle way, showcasing pages through a slightly opaque finish. They also do not show fingerprints and eliminate glare.
  • Tough polypropylene provides the ultimate protection for your projects, putting spill-proof, tear-proof material between your work and the elements.
  • Unpunched covers can be used with any binding spine, in any binding style that suits your needs.
  • Covers with gently rounded corners give a stylish, streamlined image.
  • With 25 covers per box, these are sure to make an excellent addition to your stock of supplies.

Product Specifications

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    8 3/4" x 11 1/4"
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