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GBC offers a wide range of quality products from our sister brands

 GBC offers products under Trusens, Tech under Kensington, Collaboration tools under Quartet and more!

GBC was established 1947 and is a part of the ACCO Brands family- a US based Fortune 500, NASDAQ listed manufacturer, producing many well-known academic, consumer and business products. We have our brand presence across North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific. If you have touched a Five Star® notebook, a Swingline® stapler, a Quartet® dry erase board, you have touched part of ACCO Brands.

We are proud to help you be more efficient and productive. That’s what GBC truly is!

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Create a functional, productive workspace- no matter whether you work in an office, school or at home. Quartet offers a variety of writing surfaces that are easy to erase and maintain. With white boards, bulletin boards and more it is easy to communicate.


Trusens education


GBC now offers TruSens Air Purifiers, our fastest growing air purification brand. Offer peace of mind with TruSens HEPA light air filtration units with UV-C light technology at various key locations in classrooms and offices. Help keep cleaner air at the forefront of all reopening efforts.


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SEAL Graphics

For over 35 years, the SEAL brand has been synonymous with image finishing products that offer quality, performance and value. The SEAL portfolio offers a choice of wide format laminators, laminates, adhesives and media for the novice or most experienced print and finishing professional. Let our experience work for you.



kensington lifestyle shot desk


From docks to locks and everything in between, Kensington's got what you need. A proud leader in desktop and mobile device accessories, trusted by organizations around the world for more than 35 years.

Xyron prof machine



Xyron believes in crafting a Better Way. Throughout every step of the creative process, from inspiration to presentation, Xyron products for the craft, education, creative and professional markets are uniquely designed to deliver on that belief.

Return to your workplace safely

The work we do has not changed, but the way in which we do it has. Collaboration and communication in the workplace are more important now than ever before.

ACCO and GBC make sanitizing easy with a wide range of products to help you and your team come together and share ideas safely.



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