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GBC Laminating Roll Film Compatibility Guide

Find the Right Film For Your Roll Laminator

Shopping for laminating film for your school, office or print shop is easy with GBC. Our laminating roll film buying guide helps you choose the perfect film for your GBC laminator. Simply select your machine below to find all the film types compatible with your laminator. 

Ultima™ Series

This series includes the Ultima 35 EZLoad™, Ultima 55, and Ultima 65 laminators. Designed to meet the diverse needs of educators and office professionals, these machines are compatible with a variety of film types. Select your Ultima laminator below for a comprehensive laminating film buying guide.

Pinnacle™ Series

Catering to the needs of professionals and educators, this series includes the Pinnacle 27 and Pinnacle 27 EZLoad laminators, each with its own set of compatible laminating film. Select your Pinnacle laminator below to find the right laminating film.

Catena Series

The Catena series of roll laminators includes the Catena 35 and Catena 65. These versatile laminators tackle demanding jobs with ease and efficiency — perfect for offices, small print shops and more. Discover compatible laminating film options for your Catena laminator below.

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