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Binding Spines

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Appearances matter. Make a positive, powerful impact with everything from standard CombBind spines to professional WireBind.

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What are Binding Spines?

Binding spines are the support behind bound documents. Your spine lets you stand strong – and binding spines do the same for your work. Before you choose a binding spine, consider your binding needs: How will your documents be stored? Do you need a flat binding for easy filing? Is it important that you be able to rearrange and edit your documents after binding or do you prefer a permanent option?

With a variety of binding spine styles available, one of them is sure to be perfect for your needs. Each provides unique benefits. Comb binding offers a traditional, sturdy black plastic binding with the convenience of semi-permanence. They can be edited and rearranged - but only with the use of a machine. Velobind or strip bind spines are a permanent solution, with a neat, flat look for easy stacking and filing – and they give you a secure bind that is sturdy under pressure. ColorCoil and wire binding offer strong, permanent bindings with the classic look of coils. ProClick is a practical option with easy editing – they can be opened and rearranged without the use of a machine.

Industry Use

The beauty of binding spines is that there’s an option for every environment. VeloBind is a great choice for busy medical and legal offices. With this neat professional binding, your documents will be ready to stack, file and send. CombBind gives a shiny black binding – one that’s still editable with the use of a machine – making it perfect for everyday use. ColorCoil and WireBind offer a strong, permanent choice with a modern look, and allow for flat reading and 360-degree rotation for easy photocopying. And ProClick offers the perfect option for class projects and works-in-progress, giving you a sleek binding with the option of easy editability.

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  • WireBind
  • Color Coil
  • ProClick
  • VeloBind
CombBind Chevron Icon

CombBind spines are the most popular binding option, and they’re among the most versatile. Sturdy, 19-hole plastic spines provide a strong binding. The durable plastic won’t scratch, chip, peel or discolor over time, creating a secure home for your important documents.  Convenient CombBind spines are compatible with any comb-style binding machine and any corresponding 19-hole pre-punched accessories. Spines create a neat binding and allow documents to lie flat for easy reading. CombBind spines come in a variety of spine sizes and pack quantities.

WireBind Chevron Icon

Permanently bind documents using sleek, metal WireBind spines.  These professional-looking, 32-hole spines ensure that your presentations will always look great and stay secure.  Sheets lie flat with 360 degree rotation to allow for easy page turning and photocoying.  Compatible with WireBind binding machines and come in a variety of spine sizes, based on sheet capacity and pack sizes.

Color Coil Chevron Icon

Add a pop of color to your important presentations, with the convenience and durability of Color Coil bindings. Color Coil brings an extra zing of energy to your reports and proposals. The strong coil spine always holds its shape, while maintaining flexibility and style. Color Coil is a strong, permanent binding solution. Convenient coils also allow pages to lie flat for easy reading and permit 360-degree rotation for easy photocopying. Available in an assortment of colors, spine sizes and pack quantities.

ProClick Chevron Icon

Make your presentations stand out without sacrificing versatility. Convenient, 32-hole ProClick spines are fully editable, allowing you to easily add, remove or rearrange pages, with or without a machine. ProClick gives you a professional presentation but allows for easy editing. You can open the spines using a pen, an editing tool, or even your fingers, and close them up again just as easily. Spines allow pages to lie flat for easy reading, and allow 360-degree rotation for easy photocopying.  Available in an assortment of spine sizes and pack quantities.

VeloBind Chevron Icon

Sleek, secure VeloBind spines come in two different varieties. Both versions create a professional-looking, flat book-like binding and both versions allow for easy stacking and filing. Easy-editing Reclosable 4-pin spines securely hold up to 200 sheets and give you the option of easy editing and rearranging. Easily open, edit and reclose these spines, with the assistance of a VeloBind V110e Electric Binding Machine.

 Non-reclosable VeloBind spines create a strong, permanent binding. They stand up to whatever you throw at them…. While conveniently lying flat. They’re easy to mail, file and stack, and these permanent, strong binding spines are tamper- and crush-proof. They’re a perfect choice for medical and legal offices, and other professional environments where neatness is a primary priority.

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