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Introducing Arden Studio

GBC Presents Arden Studio 

Arden Studio combines innovation, meticulous attention to quality and a commitment to artful design. Our glass writing boards, mobile panels and space partitions are designed and engineered to enhance working, support learning and help create safer work environments. Build a better, bolder, more beautiful space to inspire flexibility, innovation and ideation. 


Customize with Confidence 

Arden Studio maximizes the versatility of glass to offer the right combination of colors, shapes, sizes, functionality to suit your space. 

Arden Studio Glass Boards

  • Studio Essentials
  • Reveal Glass Boards
  • Walscape Glass Panels
  • Nordic Collection
Studio Essentials Chevron Icon

Available with or without magnetism, choose from more than 150 standard colors, or specify any size, shape, hue or graphic. 

Reveal Glass Boards Chevron Icon

Match or contrast neutral tones or make a bold color statement — choose from more than 150 standard colors or custom design your own. Choose a 12 mm glass trim in any color, standard or custom, or a light or dark 20 mm wood trim. 

Walscape Glass Panels Chevron Icon

Wall to wall or floor to ceiling, Walscape can be customized by size, shape or color to create a dynamic interior. Available in more than 150 standard non-solvent, water-based colors — and infinite custom colors — mix and match to contrast and coordinate in your unique space. 

Nordic Collection Chevron Icon

A more minimalist collection at a more minimal price point. Our Nordic wall-mounted boards come in four sizes, all in clean and crisp Nordic White. 


Mobile Collaboration

  • Mobl Panels
Mobl Panels Chevron Icon

Flexibility is the name of the game with Mobl. A dynamic writing surface and movable privacy screen, it can also dampen noise in a busy open office. Choose glass and acoustic panel configurations, in a wide array of color and finish combinations. 


Space Partitions

  • Haven Partitions
  • Colors/Textures
  • Haven Organic Floor Partitions
  • Haven Geometric Floor Partitions
  • Haven Desk Partitions
Haven Partitions Chevron Icon

Colors/Textures Chevron Icon

Haven Organic Floor Partitions Chevron Icon

These flowing, elegant partitions are available in two shapes and a choice of glass, plain or patterned. Placed on either a sturdy stationary or mobile base, they help direct traffic, define a space or allow workers to safely socially distance. They are a compelling element to a well-designed space. 


Haven Geometric Floor Partitions Chevron Icon

Tall and angular, Haven Geometric partitions offer a simple solution to the complicated problem of creating a safe and collaborative work environment. Available in an assortment of patterns and glass options, on casters or stationary, these screens will help define your space — from the corporate office and healthcare settings to cafes and classrooms. 

Haven Desk Partitions Chevron Icon

Accommodate a sense of privacy and wellbeing. Crafted to be a customizable, durable and easy to clean solution that creates a 'shield' between work spaces. Etching and lamination techniques make workspaces more inspiring and energy inducing work-space. Integrate into workstations, height-adjustable tables, or shared spaces. 

Arden Studio Accessories

  • Storage Solutions
  • Reveal Tray
  • Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray
  • Nest Storage Tray
Storage Solutions Chevron Icon

Good design down to every detail: Our storage and accessories solutions complete the Arden Studio experience with designs that are informed by the way people actually collaborate, ideate and work.


Reveal Tray Chevron Icon

Reveal Tray 

Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray 

Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray Chevron Icon

Studio Essentials Aluminum Tray 

Nest Storage Tray Chevron Icon

Nest Storage Tray

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