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GBC AutoFeed+ Shredder Release


GBC®’s new range of AutoFeed+ Shredders builds upon its best-in-class design to deliver an even more convenient, hands-free shredding experience

Home and Office GBC® AutoFeed+ Shredders release in late Summer, GBC® AutoFeed+ Commercial-Grade Shredders release in the Fall.

Lake Zurich, IL (September 22, 2021) -- Today, GBC® added a new product range to its iconic line of commercial, office and personal shredders. The AutoFeed+ Shredders encompass 13 leading-edge models engineered with the latest auto feed technology and features for optimum performance. AutoFeed+ shredders save you time by allowing you to stack up to 750 sheets into the feeder, close the door and walk away while the shredder does all the work.  Simply stack, shut and shred. Enjoy longer run times, ultra-quiet shredder performance and efficient, powerful results.

As with all GBC Shredders, the AutoFeed+ Shredders were designed to provide customers with peace of mind. Models are P4 or P5 Security-Rated and feature super-cross cut and micro-cut technology that shreds confidential documents, credit cards and more into unreadable particles. In addition, all larger models include a pin code lock that provides an extra layer of security to your shredded documents in shared spaces.

The GBC Phase 1 September release will include Home Office Models 60X, 100X/100M, 150X/150M and Office Models 230X/230M and 300X/300M.

The GBC Phase 2 October release will include Commercial Grade Models 600X/600M and 750X/750M.

“GBC’s number one goal is to be the most innovative and dependable brand in the marketplace, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the addition of GBC AutoFeed+ Shredders to our lineup of high-quality, high-performance shredders,” Lori Conley, Vice President, Office Products and Licensing, ACCO Brands, said. “GBC AutoFeed+ Shredders are powerful, secure, easy-to-use and look great in the home or office. We’re excited to see how our consumers receive them.”

Product Details:

  • Larger bin sizes mean less time spent emptying and cleaning.
  • Allows you to stack up to 750 pages at one time in auto-feed mode.
  • Shred your most confidential information securely with our P4 or P5 Security-rated shredders.
  • All models feature powerful induction motors that allow for longer continuous run times and an overall quieter shredding experience.
  • Models 300 and above are designed with a lockable paper feeder to prevent potential tampering with your pre-shredded documents.
  • The easy-to-use interface, cooling fan, anti-jam technology and “bin full” sensor make operation a breeze.
  • Powerful blades quickly take care of paper clips and staples. Use the manual slot to shred credit cards effortlessly.
  • Model MSRPs range from $465.58 - $3,932.20.

The GBC AutoFeed+ Shredder models come with a two-year warranty in the U.S. and are available on, Amazon and select office dealers.