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Binding Machines

Professionally bound documents speak volumes about your business. Choosing the right binding machine ensures that they’re making the right impression.

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All in One Binding Machine

All-in-One Systems

Multi-tasking is never easy and can be a challenge, but these multi-function machines make it look easy. All-in-one binding machines give you the ability to punch holes and insert binding spines without owning a binding punch and a separate binding finisher. Ideal for use in offices that need to conserve space and don't have the high volume demands.

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Binding Punches

Punch up your projects with an easy-to-use binding punch. These punches are the first step in binding your documents. They neatly perforate papers to prepare them for binding. Some machines use a single punch pattern, while others offer a choice of punch patterns through the use of interchangeable dies. A variety of different punch patterns and machines allows you to choose one that suits your business's needs.

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Binding Inserters

Your papers are all punched and prepared. What now? You need a binding inserter. These machines are the difference between a pile of punched papers and a perfect, put-together presentation. They insert spines into your prepared documents. Binding inserters  eliminate mistakes and maximize efficiency, providing speed and accuracy that isn't possible when binding documents by hand. Whether you're binding a few pages or a novel, these machines to get the job done with precision.

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Binding Dies and Accessories

Binding dies are the steering wheel behind your binding punch, allowing you to choose where you want to go. Dies create different perforation patterns. Since different spines utilize different patterns, the die you choose will dictate the binding style you can use in your finished document.  

Binding dies also allow you the flexibility to utilize multiple binding styles with a single machine. Instead of investing in multiple, space consuming units, you can simply change out the die in a single machine to achieve different binding styles. 


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