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Binding Punches

Whether you’re looking to preserve documents or perfect your presentations, binding punches improve efficiency. Binding punches precisely cut through papers, preparing them for binding in the spine style of your choice.

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What is a Binding Punch?

Whether you’re looking to bind book reports or stock reports, a binding punch is your first step. Binding punches use dies to cut through papers in particular patterns to prepare them for the insertion of binding spines. Some binding punches use a single die and are compatible with a single type of spine, while others give you the versatility to punch in different patterns using an interchangeable die. This allows use multiple types of spines.  Binding punches go hand-in-hand with binding inserters. Punches cut precise holes, while complementary inserters put the spine in place, completing your project.

Industry Use

Binding punches are used by a wide variety of businesses.  In general, interchangeable-die binding punches are used by print shops and copy centers that do a high volume and wide variety of binding. Single punch systems are used by various corporate environments like banks, financial services firms, real estate offices and medical practices.  

  • Single-Pattern Punches
  • Interchangeable-Die Punches
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If your business has standardized on a single binding style, such as comb bind, a convenient single-pattern punch is for you.  These punches make it easy to produce high quality bound documents in your preferred binding style.  


Interchangeable-Die Punches Chevron Icon

If you bind in more than one style, interchangeable-die punches help you maximize productivity. Interchangeable die punches give you the flexibility to change your binding style as easily as you change your shoes. Binding punches that support interchangeable dies allow you to use up to the 13 different punch patterns with a single machine. Unique, interchangeable dies simply slide into place. Dies allow you to change your binding style without the fuss, making your binding process as easy as possible.


Your bound documents are a reflection of you, and of your business. Choosing the right binding style can be as important as choosing the right suit to wear to an important meeting. Consider the kinds of projects you’ll be creating. Are you binding quarterly reports or creating presentations for customers? Does your work need to be mailed or filed? Do you need to be able to remove or rearrange pages after binding?

Each binding style offers unique advantages:

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