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REMC Schools

Awarded Bid Items

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See the awarded bid items and pricing below. Explore our wide range of GBC catalog including TruSens Air Purifies, Quartet Sanitation Stations and more. And don;t forget to read testimonials from REMC schools to reinforce how we can serve you!

How To Order

If you have any questions regarding lamination equipment or would like to place an order for equipment, you may contact your REMC equipment specialist, Henry Wylie at (662) 480-3272 or e-mail at

For any questions regarding lamination supplies or to place an order for supplies, you may reach out to your REMC supply account manager, Jordan Lambert at (662) 480-3243 or e-mail at

You can also contact customer care at (800) 723-4000 to place an order or a service call.

To purchase from this site and view your REMC bid pricing on these items, you will need to create a log-in with your account number. Click here to access the login page.

Your Bid Items

Below are the featured items awarded in the REMC bid. Items and pricing active January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

REMC Item #

Product Name



Bid Price







1.5M/I/CLR 27.000x00500 1CPI



















TruSens Air Purifiers

Breath easier by reducing airborne pollutants where they matter most. With advanced air purifier technology, simple controls and Dupont filtration, TruSens improves air quality. The streamlined design and size options make TruSens an ideal addition to any learning environment.

trusens product trio
Dispenser Stands Kiosk trio

Quartet Sanitization Stations

Supply students, teachers and staff with the materials to keep them safe. Have CDC guideline signage displayed with easy access to masks, hand sanitizer and gloves all in one place.

Foton 30 Automated Laminator

Create up to 30 laminated sheets with the push of a button. Laminating materials makes cleaning and sanitizing signage, resources and materials not only in the classroom but around the school a simple task.

foton 30 side view


“We laminate a variety of materials for our school – posters, worksheets so they can be reused, and individual student learning materials just to name a few. We train a ‘team laminator’ so everyone can pitch in and meet the needs of the program. It is hard to just name one feature [that is the most important], but ease of use and safety are big ones. We love the Ultima 65. Our current laminator is very old and bulky and gets caught on itself frequently. The Ultima 65 is so efficient to use!

Annie R., Principal, Florida Autism Center of Excellence


 “I used the Ultima 65 laminator for many applications including laminating game pieces, flash cards, posters, reusable worksheets and visual schedules. The laminator our school had the pleasure of testing was used by myself and other staff members. I really like the feature of being able to lift the shield for smaller items. The Ultima 65 sealed the items I laminated very well and was easy to use. I thought changing the laminating film was most improved – it took a lot of the guess work out of it.

-Lori B., Educational Assistant, K-5 Jefferson Elementary


“We laminating everything from student work to posters to signage. The most important feature the two of us that typically use the laminator is ease of film loading. After testing the new Ultima 65 over our current laminator, the new Ultima 65 is much easier to use! “

-Theresa E., Administrative Assistant and Substitute Teacher, Christ the King Catholic School


"I am so happy I was chosen to be one of the test stations for the new laminator.  The updated parts to this machine have truly made a difference.  The EZload system is so quick and you truly can't make a mistake of which way the lamination goes.  The auto set for the speed is wonderful, I haven't had anything, whether thin paper or several layers, not seal.  The stop button on the back of the machine is great as it stops you from leaning over the machine to stop from the back.  I want to thank the people at GBC for honestly listening to the people that use their product."

-Sue M., Blakewood Elementary- South Milwaukee Middle School


"Thanks for calling so early this morning.  I just realized that you are an hour behind us??  Wow!  You are dedicated!!  Thanks again."

-Sue Y., Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School


"Thank you for making contact with me today. It was great timing and I appreciate you looking out for our needs. Have a great week!"

-Donnette K., Brimley Area School District


"WOW!!!! Thank you so much for such great service. We were amazed at how quick the laminator came in we actually used it today. Again thank you."

-Sandra, Laingsburg Public Library