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Commercial Shredders

Have a ton of paperwork to shred? Count on GBC commercial shredders for continuous use and dependability.

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What is a Commercial Shredder?

Designed for efficiency and security, these shredders can handle a large volume of paper documents. Perfect for large shared office spaces, these shredders can run continuously with multiple users being able to operate the machine without breaks. Most commonly commercial shredders are large machines with larger wastebaskets meant for any high-volume office environment. TAA Compliant shredders, which is required for government entities, are also considered commercial shredders. These types of shredders are meant for heavy use in a variety of government offices and meet government guidelines for destroying documents.

Why would you use a Commercial Shredder?

Large shared work spaces need document and information security while maximizing efficiency. Commercial shredders are not only designed to hold a good deal of shredded documentation with their oversized waste bins, but also utilize a durable industrial motor which cuts through large amounts of paper with ease and does not need downtime for cooling off. The commercial shredders also come in a wide variety of cut styles along with varying bin sizes and additional features such as jam prevention technologies and a self-oiling system found in select shredders that fit any office or government entities security needs. 

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Woman using a Commercial Paper Shredder