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High Security Shredders

Ensure privacy with high security shredders that make it nearly impossible to reassemble shredded documents.

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What is a High Security Shredder?

If you deal with highly confidential information, a high security shredder provides that extra level of security to prevent the most classified of data from being stolen. These secure shredders are available in models that range from individual to commercial sizes. The cut style of a shredder determines its security level. This will dictate what types of documents it can safely shred. A high security shredder is classfied as any shredder that is Micro-Cut (P-5), Super Micro-Cut (P-6) or High Security (P-7) and shreds the paper into small pieces which are next to impossible to reassemble into the original document.

Why would you use a High Security shredder?

Most commonly used in government, law, and financial firms where information security is a top priority, high security shredders will protect your most vital information. Top secret government information is shredded using a micro-cut shredder or an even higher level cut style called High Security that essentially shreds the paper to dust. High Security shredders can be found in every category of shredders as individuals, offices, government entities, and large facilities all have sensitive documents that would require a High Security shredder.

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