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SmarTech Shredders

Manage shredding on your mobile device. SmarTech shredding transforms the way you control your document security.

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What is SmarTech Shredding?

Stack-and-Shred Shredders with SmarTech technology take the time-saving power of Stack-and-Shred to new heights. Utilize the easy to use SmarTech app on your Android or Apple device to get real time notifications on the progress of your shredding jobs wherever you are. Simply connect to the shredder with your device, load the paper, shut the bin and go wherever you please. Your SmarTech Stack-and-Shred Shredder will notify you when the shred job has been completed, or if it was interrupted for any reason. 

SmarTech shredders also offers the flexibility and convenience of monitoring the status of multiple shredders from anywhere.


Why Would you use a SmarTech Shredder?

SmarTech users benefit from both increased productivity and peace of mind. Because they can shred large amounts of documents and walk away, knowing that they will be informed when the job is complete or if it has been interrupted for any reason. 

Those who manage the shredding fleet throughout the building will enjoy the maximized efficiency of being able to check the status of every SmarTech shredder from anywhere, eliminating the need to check each shredder manually. Managers will also have the option to recieve notifications form any shredder in their fleet when they are either full, jammed or need oil, minimizing shredder downtime. 


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