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CCPA compliance choices

How do I select a shredder for CCPA compliance ? 

GBC offers a number of shredders that can help you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Picking out a shredder can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask before picking out the perfect shredder for your business. 

What do you need to look for? That’s simple. Consider these three questions:

What size is your workplace?

Is your office a symphony or a string quartet? We’re sure your team makes beautiful music together, but the size of your team is a crucial determining factor in the kind of shredder you need. If you run a large office, you need shredder that’s up to the job. You may even consider several large shredders throughout your facility, so that all of your employees have easy access when they need it.

How much and how often are you shredding?

Are your paper problems a light flurry or are you dealing with a major snow storm? Are your employees shredding a few pages or do you have large reports to destroy? Sheet capacity is the spec that tells you how many pages a shredder can slice at once. And if you’re shredding reports, you want a shredder with a high sheet capacity. How often are you shredding those reports? If the answer is ‘every day’, then you also need a shredder with a large bin capacity.

What kind of documents are you shredding?

Bank statements and emails both need to be shredded, but that doesn’t mean you can use the same shredder for both of them. Security level is the last piece of your paper security puzzle. Levels range from P-1 to P-7. The higher the shredder’s security level, the smaller the shreds your pages are sliced into. Documents that have more sensitive information, like bank statements, require a higher security level than everyday emails.

Learn more about security level classifications read our article that explains the differences. 

We’ve curated a list of the best CCPA compliant shredders for business needs. Ready to make your selection? Take a look here