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Equipment Maintenance Agreement

Unlimited Coverage

Investing in an Equipment Maintenance Agreement reduces your expenses and ensures the best possible protection for your equipment. One reasonable payment provides the benefit of unlimited service coverage. The labor and travel expenses of our Full Circle Service team members, as well as the cost of replacement parts, are all included in the original price of the service plan. Without protection, the cost to replace one key component could easily be more expensive than one year of complete coverage. The plan can cover finishing equipment from most manufacturers including punches, laminators, trimmers and many more.

Multi-Year Maintenance Agreements

Save more by extending your Equipment Maintenance Agreement for up to five years. As the length of your agreement increases, so does your discount. A multi-year agreement not only protects your equipment in future years, but also allows you to lock in the current price. Considering inflation and age-rate adjustments securing the price of your coverage now could save you up to 5% annually.

Multi-Machine Maintenance Agreements

Further increase your savings by covering multiple products. You can earn an extra discount for each additional machine that you place under an Equipment Maintenance Agreement. The multi-machine plan allows you to cover most finishing equipment including punches, laminators, trimmers and more, even if they were not manufactured by GBC.

Machines We Service:

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