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How EZLoad Film Revolutionized the Film-Loading Process

  • April 02, 2018
  • Written by: Dan C
  • Topics: Laminating

“EZload improved changing laminating film so much. It takes a lot of the guess work out of it.” – Lori Brems, Educational Assistant Jefferson Elementary

After being in the lamination business for 70 years, GBC revolutionized film loading with our patented EZload technology.

Traditional roll laminators feature steel shafts where the heavy film roll has to sit before being secured with thumb screws and core chucks. It takes skill and precision to center the roll, ensuring the output will be clean.

EZload film completely eliminates the need for film shafts, thumb screws, and core chucks. The film comes out of the box with color-coded endcaps. These match the color coding on our EZload-enabled GBC machines (including the Ultima 65 or the Pinnacle 27EZ). Just match the colors of the endcaps to the colors of the latches on the machine, drop in the film, thread your laminator, and you’re done.

EZload also helps prevent mistakes. If a roll is put in upside down, and the wrong side touches the hot heat rollers, the adhesive will be on the rollers instead of your document. This will cost you time and possibly hundreds of dollars to fix.

If you want easy loading that’s fast and virtually fool-proof, go with EZLoad.

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