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Shredding Oil Delivery Systems

The last thing anyone wants to do during their day is maintain a shredder. Even for those of us whose main job function is to maintain office equipment, one of the most crucial shredder maintenance pieces is overlooked. Oiling a shredder can be time consuming and messy, but is necessary to maximize the life of the shredder blades. It is just like getting the oil changed on your car, no one likes to do it or take the time to have it done, but it is a necessity.

For smaller shredders, it is common to run the shredder oil over the opening where the paper is shredded and let it soak into the shredder blades. This requires storage of a bottle and a log kept to know when the shredder was last oiled. The shredder oil can also leak into the shredder bin or if a shred job is performed immediately after oiling, will coat the paper causing shredded particles to clump together.

The aforementioned oil delivery system is fine for smaller shredders that don’t perform many shred jobs on a daily basis, but what about larger shredders that are continually in use? Some larger shredders out there still use the same oil delivery system requiring constant re-oiling of the shredder blades.

Self-Oil is a shredding technology that allows low maintenance of the shredder while guaranteeing the shredder gets the correct amount of oil. The shredder has a reservoir in the back that can be filled with an entire bottle of shredding oil. The shredder will then oil the blades automatically as needed, reducing the need for the user to oil the shredder on a semi-weekly basis. You can rest assured that your shredder will last without having to constantly check it. When the oil gets low, a light will go on indicating more oil is needed. The time needed between refills depends on how much the shredder is being used. It may be six months or a year before the next refill is required. No more mess and no more time wasted on maintaining the shredder.

DX20-19 Shredder