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Punch G2

The GBC PUNCH G2 is a compact and cost-effective in-line punching unit that improves a printer’s overall productivity. It’s easy to operate and less labor intensive then manual punching. The GBC PUNCH G2 provides brilliant, professionally printed, punched and ready-to-bind documents — in one easy step. It offers numerous multiple-hole die set options with selectable pins for the most common professional punch patterns. It enables punching of a wide range of sheet sizes, on both the long and short edge of the sheet; and includes the ability to punch tabs as well as double punching for 2-up printing. Its greater punching power means it can handle a wider variety of substrates and thicknesses. Saving you time, hassle and the expense of operating traditional off-line solutions, the GBC PUNCH G2 generates additional revenue to take your business further.

Konica Punch G2