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Report & Presentation Covers

Begin your presentation with the confidence of an attractive binding cover. Covers help you to put your unique stamp on your work while also putting your best foot forward.

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What is a Presentation Cover? 

Presentation covers do more than just give your work a professional look – they also protect your pages from the elements and unnecessary wear and tear. They look attractive and shield projects from damage caused by handling and time. Some covers are even customizable, allowing you to put your personal stamp on your work.

Which Presentation Cover is Right for You? 

Binding covers give you the option to conceal, display and protect your work in a variety of ways. Show off your work with attractive clear covers, or select an impressive, solid cover, available in a variety of textures or colors to showcase your particular style. Pair clear or frost covers with solid back covers to neatly display your work. Solid back covers give your projects a professional, book-like finish. Presentation covers are available in different sizes and thicknesses, allowing you to choose the look and feel you want for your presentation.  

Most covers are letter-sized, designed for a flush finish and match up with the edges of your bound document. Oversized covers are slightly larger, offering increased protection for your bound documents, giving your projects a neat image and preventing creasing at the corners.

Pro Tip: Choose an oversized cover if you want extra protection for your documents corners or if you are using tabs and dividers in your document.  

If you are looking to protect your documents without the use of a binding machine consider using report covers. Report covers are the perfect fit for on-the-go and mobile professionals and come in a variety of different styles. Many do not require punching or binding. 

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  • Frost Covers
  • Solid Standard Covers
  • Regency Solid Covers
  • Linen and Grain Covers
  • Report Covers
Clear Covers Chevron Icon

Sometimes the simplest choice works best. The most popular cover style, clear covers are a reliable, professional-looking choice. Clear covers provide protection while maintaining complete visibility of your title page. They allow convenient customization without the challenge of personalizing the cover itself – simply personalize the top sheet of your document for a unique look and clear covers will give your bound document a neat, professional image.

Frost Covers Chevron Icon

When you want to display your top sheet in a more subtle way, frost covers are an excellent choice. They’re similar to clear covers, but they display your pages through a frosted, translucent finish. They’re an upgrade from clear covers, showcasing your work more tastefully and discreetly. Frost covers also do not show fingerprints, eliminate glare and reduce the prominence of scratches.

Solid Standard Covers Chevron Icon

Sometimes, the simplest choice is the best. Simple, solid covers are a reliable choice for any project or presentation. The most common type of solid cover is a heavyweight cover made of heavy-duty plastic. Solid standard covers are frequently used as back covers, but also work well as front covers, creating a book-like appearance and providing additional protection for your documents.

Regency Solid Covers Chevron Icon

The most popular type of non-plastic cover, Regency, is a heavyweight paper cover with a leather look. In addition to being an eco-friendly choice,  it is an excellent upgrade from plastic covers, offering exceptional durability and quality.  

Regency is often used for back covers, but can also be used as a front cover since it is available with cut out windows to allow a section of the title page to show through. Windows are often used to customize documents with a title and the end users’ name or logo. If you are looking for an elegant and subtle image, this cover is for you. 

Regency covers are available in select colors.  

Linen and Grain Covers Chevron Icon

When you’re looking for a high-end, premium paper cover, GBC’s Linen Weave is the choice for you. Linen Weave is durable, long-lasting, and offers the high-quality, elegant look of linen. Best of all, it’s produced from recycled materials, so you can feel good about your choice. Linen Weave comes in several standard colors, including navy, white, and black.

If you’re looking for an economical choice that doesn’t skimp on presentation, GBC’s Grain is an excellent option. Grain offers a handsome, textured finish that complements any document. Grain covers are frequently used as standard binding covers at most print centers. They’re a reliable choice for everyday use. Grain gives you several color options, including white, red, and blue, making it easy to pick a color that coordinates with your sense of style.

Report Covers Chevron Icon

Report Covers are the perfect choice if you are on the go and are looking to protect your document without even the need to use a binding machine. They come in a variety of styles to easily enhance your presentation. 

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