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Print Media

Stand out from the crowd. Print Media helps you place your message where you need it most.

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What is Print Media?

Your message is only as strong as the background it’s on. Whether you’re printing on poster board, wall length banners or on the floor itself, you’ll need materials that are coated to hold the ink to your image.

Different materials influence the look and feel of your printed image. The goal is to find the best type of coating for your intended final application. This means that the material coating on your background will be tailored to where you plan to post your image, from canvas and textiles, to self-adhesive vinyl and polyester.

Using Print Media

Print Media is the cornerstone of any type of signage and is the first component you should consider as you decide what type of image and look is needed for your current project. The broad range of coating options can fit nearly any job, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, a large trade show graphic or reproduction of a canvas art print, there is a print media that will help make your image pop.

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