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Use only the amount you need to get the results you want, and save time and money by not wasting pouches on smaller jobs. Simply select the pouch size required out of the perforated opening at the top of the box, then cut it with the included trimmer. Laminate the customized pouch with any pouch laminator.

Versatile Lamination

Achieve custom lamination for a variety of applications by selecting the exact size pouch based on the job at hand. Ideal for offices, schools and print rooms to create banners, ID badges, seating charts, training materials and more.

Versatile lamination is at your fingertips with this convenient Select-A-Size Thermal Lamination roll. Simply cut the size you need for jobs big and small. Laminate any size item at home or in the office with any pouch laminator.

  • Select-A-Size Thermal Lamination lets you create a variety of laminated items including banners, signs, ID badges, education items, training materials and more. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Simply use the included trimmer to cut the amount of film needed to create a pouch that fits the task at hand. The ready-to-use box comes with a perforated top for easy cutting and film storage.
  • Choose the desired pouch size for your project by pulling the film through the top of the box, then cut to size with the included trimmer
  • Lamination roll is sealed on one edge so it’s easy to insert and align materials into the pouch. A carrier with instructions is also included to help guide the unsealed edge of the pouch when inserting it into a laminator.
  • Compatible with most 9" thermal pouch laminating machines including GBC Fusion Laminators
  • Crystal clear thermal lamination pouch results in a glossy finish. 3 mil thickness for flexible lamination results. 100 feet per roll.

Product Specifications

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  • Document Size
    Letter Speed Format
  • Dimensions
    11 1/2" x 9"
  • Finish
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  • Roll Length
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  • Thickness (mil)
  • Cold Lamination Function
  • Thermal Lamination
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