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Create laminated documents without a laminator. GBC Self Sealing Laminating Roll is resealable, which helps you make a perfectly aligned and bubble-free document every time.

  • Protect your documents from wear and tear. These easy to use, single-sided laminating sheets produce clear and crisp results for all of your everyday laminating needs.
  • With a glossy and clear finish, your laminated items will stand out. Perfect for photos, certificates, and other home lamination projects.
  • Cold laminating sheets are self-adhesive and do not require heat to create a lasting seal. Simply place your document between two sheets and press down to close.
  • Within 24 hours of the initial seal, sheets can be re-opened to make adjustments, making it easy to reposition items or smooth out bubbles. Seal becomes permanent after 24 hours.
  • The 3 mil thickness provides solid protection with versatile flexibility. This 16" x 10" roll is perfect for a large variety of documents. Pack includes 1 film roll.

Product Specifications

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    16" x 10'
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