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Shredder Supplies

Ensure peak performance with shredding supplies.

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What are Shredding Supplies?

Shredding supplies provide your shredder with components that enhance functionality. Shredding supplies are either shredder oil or shredder bags. Shredder oil is designed to lubricate the shredder blades to help maintain the functionality of the shredder while also preventing jamming. Shredder bags are meant to catch the shredded pieces of paper as they exit the shredding area and allow for quick and easy clean up.

Why do you need to use Shredding Supplies?

For larger shredders shredding oil is required to maintain optimum performance and keep the life of the shredder long. The shredder oil also helps prevent the annoying occurrence of jams.

Paper is not always perfectly clean when it is shredded. Paper will sometimes have gunk on it or ink that has not completely dried. When cleaning out the shredding bin this gunk on the paper can attach itself to the bin making clean up a much more difficult chore than it needs to be. Shredder bags are used to collect the shredded paper particles, gunk and all, to make emptying the shredder bin a breeze.

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