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Information Security

Keeping your office safe is an enormous challenge. Make sure you consider all the angles.

Why is Paper Shredding Important ? 

When you’re thinking about building up your business’s security, paper probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it is definitely something you need to be concerned about. Paper is an unrecognized security risk to your business. Every time an employee prints an email or leaves pages sitting out on their desk, the Paper Monster grows a little stronger. The Paper Monster lurks on every desk and in every office. When it comes to security breaches, an office without a shredder can be as dangerous as a faulty firewall. Your office needs a shredder, so that you can get rid of the Paper Monster, before it gets you. 

Security Facts:

Data Breach in Small Business

21% of small businesses have reported a data breach within the last 24 months


group of customers

Nearly 30% of consumers surveyed state that they will never return to a small business that has suffered a breach


costs of security breaches

41% of small businesses suffered a breach with more than $50,000 in recovery costs

You have paper all over your office. That’s a security risk. We can help. GBC shredders are here to help tame your Paper Monster.

GBC has shredders available in every security level, for any size office. Learn more about cut styles and find the right one for your security needs here.

Consumer privacy laws, like the California Consumer Protection Act, can impose hefty fines on organizations that fail to comply. Learn more about CCPA and select the right shredder to keep your business compliant.