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Wellness Solutions

from ACCO Brands

ACCO Brands brings you Wellness solutions from our family of brands which will help enhance the healthcare experience for patients and staff building a space that is beautiful as well as functional inspiring flexibility, innovation and wellbeing.

Our widely recognized and trusted brands offer a portfolio of products servicing the Healthcare industry ranging from Air purification products by TruSens, Lamination solutions by GBC ,Patient glass boards /mobile panels/signage by Quartet and Ergonomic computer accessories by Kensington.


TruSens air purifiers eliminate 99.99% of airborne coronavirus. The importance of sanitation has increased. Offer peace of mind with TruSens HEPA/UV-C light air filtration units.


Communicate patient care, shift changes and more with dry erase boards from Quartet. Add Quartet barriers to protect staff and patients at reception counters and waiting rooms.


Keep your staff efficient with ergonomic solutions at their workstations. Ergonomic solutions help fight fatigue and strain when working for long hours on your feet or at your desk.


Easily create signage to communicate hospital policies, patient safety and more with GBC lamination. Lamination makes cleaning and sanitizing signage a breeze by simply wiping down.