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Five Binding Styles and What They Offer

  • April 24, 2018
  • Written by: Dan C
  • Topics: Binding

When you need to impress a client or boss, your corporate materials – displays, booklets, etc. – need to look their absolute best. Binding is  a quick and cost-efficient way to make an immediate and lasting impression, but there are many styles available. Rest assured, we know binding inside and out. Read to learn about binding styles, their benefits, and best use cases.

MagnaPunch Pro Binding Machine

Style 1: Comb Binding

Often called “plastic binding” or “spiral comb binding,” comb binding is the most recognizable choice in binding. First, documents are punched. Then they’re bound together using a spine with tabs that roll into the spine itself. In schools and large businesses alike, comb binders are great for when numerous booklets need to be created for a class, meeting or training session.

Comb Binding Benefits

  • Pages can be added or removed with relative ease
  • Bind up to 425 sheets of paper
  • Cost effective option
  • Readily available – the most popular binding system
  • Combs are re-usable

Common Uses

  • Reference guides
  • instructional materials
  • workbooks
  • kids craft books
  • school handouts

Style 2: Coil Binding

Coil binding provides a quick continuous loop that stretches the length of the document. Unlike other forms of binding, this one allows 360-degree page turning. Add class and color with >GBC’s ColorCoil —a quick and efficient way to take your document to the next level.

Coil Binding Benefits

  • Professional finish
  • Pages lie flat with 360-degree page turning
  • Permanent bind
  • Spine keeps shape with bounce and flexibility
  • Binds up to 265 pages

Common Uses

  • Documents that need constant reference
    • including handbooks, notebooks and more.

Style 3: ProClick Binding

GBC’s unique, patented ProClick Binding works much like comb binding, with one big exception. Rather than individual tabs that curl into the spine, the bind ‘clicks’ together, securing papers in place. Beyond its upscale look, ProClick lets you add and remove pages in a snap.

ProClick Binding Benefits

  • Open and close easily to add or remove documents
  • Lie flat for easy photocopying
  • 360-degree page turning
  • Professional, upscale look
  • Zips and unzips for quick editing
  • Made from recyclable polypropylene
  • Binds up to 100 pages

Common Uses

  • Documents and presentations that you’ll need to change over time.

Style 4: Wire Bindings

Wire binding take a C-shaped binding spine and closes around your punched papers. This style is similar in concept to the wire bound notebook or notepads that are essential on college campuses. Wires are measured by pitch 3:1 (3 holes per inch on the paper edge) and 2:1 (2 holes per inch on the paper edge).

Wire Binding Benefits

  • Full 360-degree movement, allowing work to lie flat for photocopying
  • Professional finish to documents
  • Element join is hidden from view
  • Strong and flexible
  • Can be removed if required
  • Maximum capacity of 110 sheets for 3:1 wires
  • Maximum capacity of 250 sheets for 2:1 wires

Common Uses

  • Metal finish gives the impression of additional security over plastic combs.
  • Perfect binding solution for legal documents and professional documents that require an element of security. 

Style 5: VeloBind

VeloBind – also known as “strip binding” – is the professional way to bind large volumes of documents up to 750 sheets. VeloBind strips secure documents fast and are cut and welded to the element on the underside of your book, creating a tamper-proof seal. Beyond its professional look, VeloBind provides the highest security of all binding styles, preventing the removal or insertion of pages. 

VeloBind/Strip Binding Benefits

  • Large volume capability
  • Secure and welded fast (only adjustable with some models)
  • Easily mailed or filed
  • Highest sheet capacity
  • Our most durable binding
  • Upscale, professional look

Note: Documents using VeloBind do not photocopy easily. 

Common Uses 

  • Since the >bind is permanent, this style is ideal for the purposes of security and long-term protection.
  • Usually the preferred choice for legal, business or high-end education assignments.
  • VeloBind is versatile for any sector.

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