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Nearline Punch and Bind Launch

GBC Releases Fully Automated Nearline Punch and Bind

Monday June 28, 2021

Nearline Punch and Bind provides greater productivity versus manual production by feeding, punching and wire-binding in one easy step

Lake Zurich, Ill. – ACCO Brands Corporation, one of the world’s largest designers, marketers and manufacturers of branded academic, consumer and business products, today announced the launch of GBC Nearline Punch and Bind, a key accessory that dramatically improves the end user’s overall workflow from printing to finishing mechanically bound documents.

This innovative product came to fruition due to the increasing need for more flexibility, maximum productivity and lower labor costs for the printing and finishing environment. The product’s ability to perform punching, collating and binding operations, along with creasing and perforating, makes it the most versatile finishing solution on the market, dramatically reducing manual “touches” on the shop floor. Additionally, the machine is the world’s first fully automated twin loop wire solution for the digital marketplace.

The Nearline Punch and Bind is composed of three units: a Plockmatic VFX Vacuum feeder, a GBC StreamPunch VFX and a GBC eWire VFX. The newly engineered feeder from the Plockmatic Group provides increased ease of use for the operator and enhanced feeding performance across a wider range of media. The GBC StreamPunch is a fully automated punching unit, is the first in the world to offer a “double punch” capability and utilizes various die sets with selectable pins, including crease and perforation dies. And lastly, the GBC eWire component is the first inline wire binding solution utilizing twin loop wire spools, which are available in three colors and six sizes.

“As a leader in inline technology, we have taken this proven technology and created a nearline solution that offers greater flexibility for any print production environment,” commented Jim Sawyer, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing North America. “With its small footprint and wide range of features, GBC’s Nearline Punch and Bind is the perfect fit for every printing environment.”

The Nearline Punch and Bind is currently available in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about the Nearline Punch and Bind, please visit GBC’s website, linked here. Additional information can be found on GBC Integrated Solutions’ LinkedIn page, linked here, and at the YouTube video linked here.