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Binding Dies & Accessories

High quality, interchangeable binding dies and accessories save time and money. Produce multiple punch patterns using a single machine and use your binding punch more efficiently.

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What is a Die? 

The die is an integral part of any binding punch. The pins, located within the die, punch the binding pattern into the paper. Each die is designed to punch a specific punch pattern and interchangable-dies also have the capability to remove and add individual punch pins, allowing you greater versatility in punching odd sized documents. 

Why use Interchangeable Dies? 

Interchangeable dies help you maximize the mileage that you get from your machine. Machines that can punch multiple binding styles are referred to as interchangeable-die punch machines. To change the punch pattern, you simply switch out the die. Unique, interchangeable dies are easy to use. They simply slide into place, allowing you to change your binding style without fuss or additional expense.

Fixed-die machines can only punch one binding style, forcing you to purchase multiple machines if you want to use more than one style. Binding punches that support interchangeable dies allow you to use up to the 13 different punch patterns with a single machine, saving time, space and money and allowing you to quickly expand the capabilities of your machine by simply purchasing a new die set instead of a whole new machine. 

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