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GBC Foton 30

The world’s first fully automated desktop laminator

  • Threads


    Load the cartridge by dropping it in

  • Feeds


    Neatly laminate up to 30 pages

  • Laminates


    Walk away while Foton 30 runs

  • Trims


    Return to a tidy stack of finished docs

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Small size, huge output

The desktop-dwelling powerhouse automates up to 30 sheets at once and delivers up to 230 sheets per cartridge.

Flawless, effortless lamination

Hitting “Run” automatically straightens all pages, detects film thickness, controls spacing, laminates the sheets and trims them with perfect precision.

Big time savings

No pouches to load, no pages to trim, no standing around feeding in sheets.


Odd-shaped, standard, small or oversized; Single sheets or 30-page stacks; Regular weight or cardstock.

Try it today


60-day money back guarantee

  • Auto-shutoff
  • Visual “Ready” light
  • Jam-prevention sensor

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