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Mounting Adhesive

Make your documents pop. Mounting adhesive gives life and dimension to your most important projects.

What is a Mounting Adhesive?

When you want your signs to be seen, mounting adhesive helps your documents stand out. Mounting adhesive allows printed images to be either permanently or temporarily affixed to a surface, which can give your document more dimension. Attach graphics to foam boards, expanded PVC boards, glass windows, counter tops or floors – wherever you think your message will be most effective.

Here’s how it works:

Mounting adhesives use a base film carrier, which is coated on both sides with either pressure-sensitive or thermal adhesive. The adhesive sides are protected by a siliconized release liner, which prevents the material from sticking to itself. After the adhesive is applied to the graphic, you simply pull back the release liner to apply it to a window or floor.  When mounting to a substrte, you simply use the lamintor to mount it. 


Industry Use

With a wide range of potential applications, mounting adhesives can be used in any industry. Whether you’re creating a window sign or guiding customers through your store with floor graphics, mounting adhesives will help your message be seen.

Grab the attention of your audience with long-term displays, counter graphics, outdoor signage or however you choose to present your mounted masterpiece. Explore our adhesive options below to find the perfect fit for your project.

  • Permanent Mounting Adhesive
  • Removable Mounting Adhesive
  • Opaque Mounting Adhesive
  • Glass Mounting Adhesive
Permanent Mounting Adhesive Chevron Icon

Create a lasting impression. When you want long-term signage, use permanent mounting adhesive to produce a durably-made display. The carrier film is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides. Once you apply this adhesive, it cannot be taken off without damaging the image or surface.

Removable Mounting Adhesive Chevron Icon

Removable adhesive offers more flexibility with your displays. It’s great for short term signage, such as a month long promotion or seasonal offers. Draw in customers with a bright window display or guide shoppers to a new item in a grocery story by applying a floor graphic.


Opaque Mounting Adhesive Chevron Icon

If you have a bright and vibrant surface, don’t hide it! Opaque adhesives will help make your background pop. The clear adhesive lets the colors from your background show through, which can make the mounted image stand out. Create eye-catching graphics that are sure to impress.

Glass Mounting Adhesive Chevron Icon

Mount your display directly on your window. Glass adhesive makes it easy to quickly catch the eye of anyone passing by your space. This type of adhesive is face mounted, meaning the adhesive is applied to the front of the image, rather than the back. This allows you to place your graphic on the inside of the window, where it’s protected from the weather and outside influences.

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