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School Laminators - Features to Look For

Every school needs a laminator. Whether you’re laminating flash cards, posters, folders or signage, laminated materials last longer. A laminating machine ultimately saves you time and money, but choosing the right machine is key. Here are some features to look for during your decision-making process. 

Teacher in Classroom with Laminated Papers on Wall

Easy Film Loading  

When multiple people will be loading film, especially when they aren’t experts, look for a laminating machine with easy load film features. They will help prevent the costly mistake of an incorrect installation, which leads to the adhesive sticking to the rollers. Easy-loading film usually has color-coded end caps that correspond with the machine. Other helpful loading features to look for include autogrip shafts and an open design.  

Easy Operation 

Your laminator should be easy to reload and operate. Look for features likeauto speed, fast warm-up and a built-in cutter. They all help speed up and simplify the laminating process. 


If dollars are limited, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Look for laminator bundles that include service, film and support.You can also contact companies and add the laminator and film toschool or district bids. That way, you can save money andtake advantage of volume purchasing.  


A plastic laminator may work great for a short time, but if you’re looking for durability, dependability and a long service life, look for laminators constructed with a metal housing. And make sure you invest in a reliable brand—like GBC. 

Easy to Fix 

If your laminator has an issue, it should be simple to solve. Our advice: Shop for a laminator with a good warranty and choose one with an easy-to-understand manual. 

For troubleshooting, auto reverse is another nice feature. It easily clears jams, preventing the need to call in a professional.  

Now that you know what features to look for, check out our collection of high-performing machines.  

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