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Roll Laminators

Need the speed and freedom to laminate a variety of different documents? Get ready to roll with GBC.

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What is a Roll Laminator?

Are you laminating a high volume of documents? Will they range in size and shape? A roll laminator is probably your best choice. Versatile and speedy, roll laminators handle everything from individual tags to large banners with continuously moving, smooth roller action.

How Do They Work?

With roll laminators, two rolls of laminating film are loaded into the machine—one on top, one on bottom. The laminator feeds your documents between the two rolls. Then, it uses heat and/or pressure to form a lasting seal. Once the seal is made, you can trim the excess film—and you’re done. 

Choosing a Roll Laminator

The machine you choose comes down to a few factors, including:

  • the size of the documents you’re laminating
  • the size of the space where the laminator will be placed
  • and more.

Read on to learn more.

  • School
  • Desktop
  • Wide Format
  • Light Commercial
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Desktop Roll Laminator

Laminating shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming for teachers. School days are hectic already. Our full line of 27" and 12" roll laminators earn high marks with fast processing times, user-friendly features and auto shut off safety options. Our Ultima 65 and Pinnacle series are among the top in their class.

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Desktop laminators are compact yet powerful. Our Catena series includes some of our most popular machines. Efficient and easy to operate, they can laminate your documents and also mount them directly on foam board up to 1/4" thick. They run hot or cold to produce high-quality results every time. 

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Spire Laminator

Make sure the message can’t be missed. For laminated banners, tradeshow graphics or window displays, our wide format laminators are ready for the job. 

Laminators like our Spire III series come with laminating and mounting capabilities. Create and protect breathtaking graphics up to 64" wide. Using our foot pedal controls keep your hands free and increase productivity.


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Automated Roll Laminators

Keep pace with your clients’ demands. We make machines for commercial printing and in-house production. Fully automated lamination systems like the 5031 series are the perfect fit for heavy-duty production environments. Adding other solutions like GBC feeders and cutters maximize every minute.

  • Thermal Laminating Film
  • Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film
Thermal Laminating Film Chevron Icon

When heated on a hot roll laminator, the adhesive on the thermal roll film becomes sticky. This creates a strong seal and professional finish,help protect from moisture, dirt and everyday impact.

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Find out more about different film options.

Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film Chevron Icon

Not sure you want to mess with a hot laminator? You can still laminate with GBC pressure-sensitive film. During the lamination process, a release liner is slowly pulled away from the film, which uses pressure – not heat – to seal your document.  

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Find out more about different film options.

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