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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laminator

Choosing a new laminator can seem like a big task. We’re here to help you make that job a little bit easier. We’ve gathered a few important factors to consider when browsing through laminators, which will help you narrow down to perfect machine for your needs.

1. Document Size
Think of the documents you’ll be laminating. Will they all be standard size? Or will you be laminating a range of sizes, from business cards to banners?

Pouch laminators are a great choice if you mostly laminate standard size documents. You can also fit several small items within a lamination pouch. If you need more flexible options, a roll laminator is likely your best choice. Our roll laminators cover a wide variety of document widths, ranging from 9" up to 27". Automated laminators are ideal for standard size documents, but can also laminate small items and documents up to 11" x 17".

2. Number of Sheets
Consider how often you laminate and the amount of documents you will run at a time. If you laminate small projects once or twice a week, a pouch laminator is perfect for you. If you laminate larger quantities of large documents or odd shapes, a roll laminator will be your best bet. Automatic laminators are great for large lamination jobs with standard size documents and for those who laminate several times a week.

3. Film Thickness
Laminating film is measured in mil. The larger the mil number, the thicker the laminate will be. Smaller mils retain more flexibility, while larger mils are rigid.

Pouch laminators can range from 3 mil-10 mil, which gives you a wide range a thickness options. Roll laminators typically run 1.5 mil-3 mil films. Automated laminators are able to run 3 mil and 5 mil film cartridges, making them a great choice for standard projects.

4. Number of Users
The number of people using the machine is a major factor to consider when choosing a laminator. Will it be used by a large team or will you be the only user?

Pouch machines are small and fit on your desktop, making them perfect for personal use. If you have multiple users, a roll laminator is an excellent choice. These machines are larger and can be setup in a shared workspace for everyone to use. Automated laminators are versatile and are great for either personal or shared use. Automatic settings make is easy to switch from one user to the next.

5. Cost
Keep in mind that a laminator is an investment. You will need to consider the cost of not just the laminator, but film supplies as well. No matter what kind of laminator you’re looking for, we offer a wide range of machines and supplies to fit nearly any budget.

Whether you’re buying your first laminator or looking for an upgrade, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. If you know which features are most important for your needs, you’ll be able to easily find the right machine for you. Explore your options now!

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