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Laminating Machines

When your documents need to withstand the test of time, laminating machines will ensure that your work is sealed and protected. Perfect for photos, presentations, handouts and much more, you can find the right laminator for your needs.

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Automated Laminators

Take a hands-off approach to lamination. Automated laminators make lamination as easy as pressing a button. These machines feed, laminate and trim automatically, which gives you more time to multitask on other projects. With different options for letter sized pages, oversized documents and odd shapes, automated laminators are perfect for almost every project. Plus, these laminators have unique film cartridges that make film changes as simple as possible.

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Foton 30

Ultima 65 Roll Laminator

Roll Laminators

Whether you’re making flyers for your upcoming event or making fun game pieces for your next classroom lesson, roll laminators set the standard for well-designed, easy-to-use machines. For laminating jobs with a high volume of documents or odd shapes and sizes, roll laminators are your best option. Used everywhere from schools and offices to large format finishing shops, roll laminators are engineered to produce outstanding, professional results, especially when combined with laminating film.

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Still have questions? Learn more about what Roll Laminators can do.

Pouch Laminators

Both versatile and compact, pouches laminators make lamination as easy as possible. Simply place your document in a laminating pouch and you’re ready to go. Laminate business cards, artwork or menus with the large variety of laminating pouches to choose from. With user-friendly features, lightning-fast speeds and high-quality results, pouch laminators are great for a wide range of jobs, and are often the best choice for businesses, schools and home users.

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Need more information? Learn more about how Pouch Laminators work.

GBC Fusion 7000L

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