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Laminating Pouches

Give your documents a professional finish. Laminating pouches provide superior protection and professional style to your most important projects.

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What is a Laminating Pouch?

Laminating pouches make lamination as simple as possible. Just place your document inside the pouch and run it through your pouch laminator. It’s that easy! Pouches work best for individual documents, but you can also laminate several smaller items in one pouch.

Pouches are made of two thin layers of plastic, which are sealed on one side. The inside of the pouch is coated with a special adhesive, which can be activated by heat and/or pressure. When you’re ready to laminate, load the pouch in your laminator, sealed side first. From there, your laminator does all of the work for you and will create a lasting seal for your document.

Choosing a Laminating Pouch

Whether you want to laminate a luggage tag for your upcoming trip or a menu for your new restaurant, you can find the right laminating pouch for your needs. We offer several sizes, finishes and thicknesses for pouches, which are typically broken down into two categories: thermal pouches and cold pouches.

Thermal pouches require the use of a pouch laminator in order to heat the adhesive. These pouches are the most common and produce professional and polished documents. Cold laminating pouches do not need a machine. Instead, they are sealed using pressure, allowing you to seal the pouch by hand.

Types of Pouches

EZUse Thermal Pouches

Perfectly align your documents, every time. Alignment guides and mil thickness indicators directly on the pouch help you keep documents even, making them easy to use.

UltraClear Thermal Pouches

Create glossy and crisp documents with UltraClear pouches. Available in both standard and speed formats, they are designed for a wide range of jobs.

SelfSeal Cold Pouches

No Machine? No problem! SelfSeal cold laminating pouches let you peel and seal the pouch with your hands, making them great for quick and easy projects.

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