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What's the Difference Between Standard and EZload Film?

  • April 10, 2018
  • Written by: Dan C
  • Topics: Laminating

If you want guaranteed perfect film loading every time—without fear of misalignment or wrapping your roller (Yikes! Expensive service call!) — EZload film is for you.

EZload film is a system proprietary to GBC and entirely eliminates the need for film shafts, thumb screws and core chucks. The film features color coded endcaps that match the color coded saddles found on GBC’s EZload enables machines, such as the new Ultima 65 or the Pinnacle 27EZ. When loading the film all you need to do is match the colors of the endcaps to the colors of the latches on the machine. This new way of loading film ensures you load the film correctly every time, eliminating the risk of damaging your rollers through incorrectly loaded film.


To find out if your GBC machine is EZload enabled, simply check if your machine uses standard film shafts or has latches as seen in the image to the left.

View EZload-Enabled Machines

Standard Roll film such as GBC’s 3000004 film, many times referred to as 3-4 film, are films that are rolled onto a cardboard core. To use this kind of film you will have to load the film onto a metal shaft and insert it into your laminator. Traditional machines utilize heavy steel shafts and thumb screws and core chucks to keep the film in place. When loading standard film the most important aspect is to make sure the film is loaded the right way around, meaning the film should roll from the top down and the bottom up, with the adhesive side facing the operator. If the adhesive side of the film is in – or facing away from the operator – you will apply adhesive to your heat rollers – causing significant damage and an expensive service call, costing hundreds of dollars.

Standard film comes in a variety of thicknesses from 1.5 mil to 10 mil and widths ranging from 12” to 27” and can be utilized on most roll laminators. GBC’s roll laminators have also been improved to simplify the film loading of standard film by utilizing our new light weight, AutoGrip aluminum shafts which no longer require thumb screws and core chucks.

View Standard and EZload Films